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Hey babes, welcome aboard


HI and WELCOME. I'm stoked to have you here. 

My name is Gabriella and I'm your fashion loving, pink pant-suit wearing, photo aficionado. I believe that art is the deepest form of expression, and if we can't express ourselves then what's left?! 

I reject the notion that you need to compromise on fun and freedom in order to have luxurious and artistic wedding photos. So I'm here to tell you to get you a girl who can do both!! (me...that girl is me)

My style is editorial, chic, colorful, fashion-forward but never uptight. Get ready to get your giggle on allll day because I promise you, you will have just as much fun taking your photos as you will looking at them. 

This job has taken me places like Alaska, Aruba, Portugal, and Morocco. It is truly the greatest honor getting to join my amazing clients all over the world in celebration of their love.

I believe deeply in the power of collaboration and creativity. Your wedding or portrait session can be everything and anything you want it to be. This is a chance to showcase YOU in all your funky, sexy, silly + wild forms. 

I'm an eneagram 7, ENFP, and a virgo (but the fun kind obvii). I'm fiery and bold love nothing more than creating and existing alongside other people who share the same deep passion and zest for life. 

When I'm not working you can find me crowd-surfing at concerts, wave-surfing down the california coast, or up-cycling a new thrifted find.

Oh and I love my clients. SO fucking much.


Ready for the adventure of a life time?

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